Learn the secrets of top spas around the world making and selling your own spa products! 

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Handcraft Bodycare offers Professional Cosmeceutical Spa Services, Cosmetic Skincare Products and Skincare Workshops  tailored to helping you understand ingredients, involve you in creating your own cosmeceutical bodycare products using active ingredients for optimal dermal penetration.   With over 13 Years of Skin and hair care experience, our goal is to help everyone having any type of skincare issues find solutions by learning how ingredients work and what they can do for the skin.  If you've got  skincare problems, give us a call, we can help.

Why you should switch to Professional Cosmeceutical Spa Products

Stop spending money on products that don't deliver results. Here are two great examples of why you should start using cosmeceutical grade skincare products.  

Spa products combine potent active ingredients with an aesthetician-recommended regimen to treat everything from blemishes to signs of aging.

While these higher-end options may sometimes require more of an investment than their drugstore or department store counterparts, you'll be happier in the long run when you actually get the results you have been looking for for years and it's all to do with the active ingredients included in the formulation.  So go on, stop spending on skincare that don't deliver the results and you'll start looking like a million bucks. 

 If you use ...Clinique Skin Care System (from $46)    Then try  Dermalogica Skin Kit (from $35)



Unlike Clinique, a cosmetic that uses milder formulations to suite a wider variety of skin types, Dermalogica is sold only to professionally Licensed Skincare Therapist who go through special training to use products that contain higher amounts/concentrations of active ingredients.


If you use ..Olay Regenerist  peel around  ($25 )             Then try Dr Gross Daily face peel around ($28)



The are both 2-step systems though Olay focuses on exfoliating, first with buffing crystals then with a mild lactic acid.  In comparison the Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel efficiently removes cellular debris on the skin in one sweep with a powerful combination of Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, Citric and Salicylic acids, then utilizes a 2nd step to neutralize the acids then infuse primed skin with retinol, genistein and reservatrol. to boost cell regeneration, Collagen and premature ageing

Go on, stop using products that have little or no real ACTIVE ingredients to benefit your skin.  Get on the professional bandwagon with Handcraft Bodycare

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