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Facial Masks, Facial Scrubs, Hair Masks and Facial Toners Workshop


Five hundred million dead skins cells rub off your skin every day, and exfoliating not only helps get rid of them but also speeds up the production of new skin cells and increases healthy circulation.

Skin gets dull and congested when dead skin cells build up, clogging pores and trapping dirt and bacteria (the major cause of acne breakouts.) Scrubbing your face with a mild exfoliant solves all of these problems

Facial masks can tighten pores, stimulate circulation (and thus healthy skin growth), or deep moisturize your skin. Facial mask recipes with clay are great for cleansing and tightening, while recipes rich in natural plant oils are excellent for hydrating and repairing dry, aging or damaged skin.

Plus, they're a lot of fun to make, and they smell divine! Not to mention, when you use essential oils, you're also calming your nerves, lifting your mood and boosting your immune system.

Lots of people skip the face toner in their skincare routine. While skin care toner isn't as critical as your basic cleanser, it can help improve the overall look of your skin, as well as balance oil production.

You will never buy store products again once you've made your own.

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