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Our clam shell melts come in your choice of Fragrance and are ready for use in your Oil burner or warmer.

Melts are an excellent and attractive way to add fragrance to a room. Rather than a burning wick consuming the wax, the heat from underneath the burner dish heats the wax, gently releasing the fragrance.

Each clam contains 6 "break off" cubes of wax which you snap off and put in an oil burner.

Always be careful not to over fill your burner with too many cubes as once melted it may overflow.

Always be sure to keep your Oil burner on a heat proof surface to protect furniture.

Each Clam shell pack holds break off cubbed melts.

Burn time- Up to 10+ hours per cube

• Do not add water, oil or chemicals to the burner dish

• Do not mix anything with the melt

See our Candle and was burning safety tips

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