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Strong Professional Italian Keratin Glue Beads for I Tip/U tip hair Extensions


Professional Hair Extension Italian Keratin Glue - Clear








20 GRAMS (enough for 500-800 Strands depending on how thick/thin you like glue on strand, 2-4 beads per strand)


This top grade Italian keratin glue grain melts clean &clear. It is used by professional stylist for using with hotpot system to pre-tip hair for either micro links or fusion type hair extensions, keratin fusion extension fittings, maintenance, I tip U tip re gluing.

Use 2-4 beads per strand of hair.

This product is strong, Adhesion and high purity. Also fast melt by glue pot then to bond the hair easily and will last up to 6 months without any slipping once installed properly and is removed easily with acetone based remover and silk strand fusion remover tool. This quality of keratin will not damage hair and will not disintegrate rapidly when washing hair, swimming or during general use.

When removing Italian keratin, you will find that all the keratin will be removed from your hair without any keratin traces.


Quick Overview


20g Small beads enough for single strand


Gel consistency, no runny glue and messy glue gun


high temperature, does not loosen when wet

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