Learn the secrets of top spas around the world making and selling your own spa products! 

Bodycare Taster Courses  (New) $150 each
Geared toward protecting your skin from the harsh elements of Winter

Unbelievable short taster courses geared towards teaching you how to make natural bodycare products ultimately helping you achieve even, quenched skin and soft manageable hair this winter season.  Learn how to make all these delectable body treats to keep for yourself and to replicate at home so you can give wonderful natural bodycare gifts this Christmas free of Preservatives, Parabens and nasties.  These tasters are uncomplicated, almost everyone will be able to follow as we are using nothing you cannot pronounce.

8 Tasters to choose from all teaching you how to make 3 or 4 wonderful body delicacies. 

Spacious 1500 sq foot Workshop in Central London near London Bridge 

                   LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!

Bodycare Taster 1

Shea Butter Lip Balm

Whipped Body Butter Souffle

Scented Spa Bath Salts 

Bodycare Taster 2      

Nourishing Night Moisturiser (w/Shea Butter)

Sensual Egyptian Bath Tea (with real rose petals(like Cleopatra) 

Skin quenching Body Lotion    

1, 2 &3 

Bodycare Taster 3  

Facial Cleansing Lotion

Deep Cleansing Clay Facial Mask

Spa Minerals (exfoliating)Body Scrub           

Bodycare Taster 4         Bodycare Taster 5          Bodycare Taster 6
Shea Butter Lip Balm Facial Cleansing Lotion Mineral Bath Soak

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask Nourishing Night  Moisturiser Whipped Body Butter Souffl√©

Deep Cleansing Clay Facial Mask Sensual Egyptian Bath Tea
 (with real       Garden Flowers Bath 
rose petals(like Cleopatra) Bomb Creamer

Shea Butter Body Lotion        Scented Spa Bath Salts Spa Minerals Body Scrub    

Bodycare Taster 7     Bodycare Taster 8
Cold Process Soap & Bath tea         Candles and Shea Butter Lip Balm  

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