Learn the secrets of top spas around the world making and selling your own spa products! 

You will learn to make soap using the Melt and Pour Process $129

You will be making soap using the Melt and Pour process as opposed to using caustic soda. You will be taught how to add Essential oils or Fragrance oil, Herbs, Botanicals, Seeds and Nuts, Clay etc. 

You will learn how to make different types of soaps for different skin types and you will also be learning how to create your recipes and how to accurately measure  and add your ingredients to create wonderful masterpieces. You will master the types of moulds available, discover how to add different effects to make your soap individual, learn about which essential oils to use and the special qualities they bring to your soap, adding yummy ingredients like rose petals, ginger, coffee, cinnamon, goats milk, lavender, coconut and hundreds more.

Learn about curing, layering, measuring, making herbal soap, colouring, equipment needed, recipe creation, adding scent with essential oils/fragrancing and many more tips.

At the end of the class you may take your creations home to impress your friends and family, plus a handout with the entire process in case you forget including loads of recipes.

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