Learn the secrets of top spas around the world making and selling your own spa products! 

Whipped Body Souffles, Body Lotions, Body Butters, Body Creams Intensive $275.00

Wanna make a Luxurious Whipped body Souffles, body butters, lotions and creams? This course is for you!!!

There are no parabens, or chemicals added to our products.  The mixture creates a 100% pure and naturally luxurious bodycare products that glide onto your skin and because the oils and butters we use are all edible, is easily absorbed by your skin, melting with the heat from your fingers. Nothing else has been added to spoil this product!

The Workshop

With more and more of us questioning the ingredients used in many of the cosmetic products we buy, it seems that even those who promise to be 'natural' can contain hidden ingredients that you would rather not use on your skin. Learning to make your own creams and balms is both easy and fun and most of all, puts you in control of what you use in your skincare routine.

The course begins at 10.00 am with an offer of hot tea/coffee and a brief discussion about the raw ingredients, vegetable oils and essential oils and fragrance oils  that can be used for the simplest most natural skincare. We then go on with learning how to combine water with oil to make a moisturizing cream. Unlike many other courses which teach only how to use their own products and ingredients we will give you the knowledge to formulate for your own requirements. There will be a thorough discussion on the use of preservatives and with your new found knowledge you will be in a position to make an informed decision about their use in your own products. Also you'll tailor make products to suit your own purposes with or without the use of preservatives.

Some of the wonderfully nourishing oils and butters we use are:

  • Natural Shea ButterNatural Shea Butter benefits:
    • Moisturizing nourishing all skin types
    • Soothing cracked, dry feet and hands & chapped skin
    • Conditioning the hair
    • Treating irritated skin
    • Healing Damaged skin
    • Helping teat & ease eczema, and dermatitis
    • Helping to reduce blemishes & wrinkles
    • Softening cuticles
    • Great for Babies Bums and Mums Tums!
  • Sweet Almond Oil - Great natural moisturizer- Softens, revitalizes and nourishes skin. Relieves dry, itchy & irritated skin and has all these natural goodies: Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D, Natural Proteins, Natural Minerals and Natural Fatty Acids ( Oleic, Palmitic, Linolei , Linolenic )
  • Natural Essential Oils - For a lovely natural scent filled with therapeutic benefits blending wonderfully with the rich nutty natural aroma of raw Shea butter
  • Vitamin E - Antioxidant with skin healing properties, promotes regeneration of damaged skin cells, aids healing of problematic skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, very dry skin, chapped lips, stretch marks, wrinkles plus even scars and burns
  • Some or all of the following oils can/will be added on the day.  Shea Butter, Grapeseed, Fractionated coconut, Coconut Butter, Cocoa Butter, Castor, Vegetable Glycerine, etc.


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